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Until 2017, the impressive wine press was kept in its original state, just as it was when it was found in 1999 in a town warehouse. Finally, it could be restored and it is currently located in a public space, one minute away from Farners Square. This is the same place that it was originally located in, but before it was inside the house that was built there.

The press, has an indigenous oak structure, is 7,5 metres long and weighs 3 tonnes. It was built at the same time as the house, which is called can Déusiau, because this was the only way to be able to fit it inside. The first written reference of it dates back to 1693, in a trade contract found in notary documents of the la Selva’s Regional Archives. To restore the press, and then take it back to its original position, it had to be dismantled into pieces.

Initially, the restoration consisted in cleaning it, polishing it, and applying woodworm treatment. The second phase involved constructing the missing pieces with materials of the same characteristics and origins. The counterweight is not the original, because this had disappeared. What we see now is from the XVII century. Later, anti-humidity and UVA protection treatment was applied. Finally, a crystal roof was added to keep it covered and will make it easier to conserve in the future.

According to Marc Valls, local antiques expert and the professional behind the restoration, “there are very few beam presses like this one left, not all villages are lucky enough to still have one. As well as being very beautiful and interesting pieces, they are part of local heritage. This type of press has been used a lot throughout history; they were first built in the I Century BC, and were discontinued in the XIX century. Generally, they were found in stately or feudal homes, and the population could use them in return for giving a seventh of the wine produced to the Lord of the Manor”.

Address: Travessia Verge Maria 5

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