Termes Orion Hotel Spa

The Termes Orion Hotel Spa is known for its thermal water.

The discovery of thermal waters in Santa Coloma dates back to the First Carlist War. It is said that a wounded soldier was found lying in the water, and thanks to this, he lived several more days than expected, given the injuries that he had sustained. Later, the waters were used to cure soldiers. After these events, a construction and renovation process began at the point where these pools of hot water were, until the place became the Termes Orion Hotel Spa that we know today. The first building of the spa dates back to 1860. However, the current one is the result of a project launched in 1919, as well as several different posterior modifications. The balneotherapy complex has recently been modernised to offer a modern and top-quality service.

As well as the spa services, that you can consult on their website, two other aspects make this place worth visiting:

- The architecture of the building is neoclassical and it is classified as a monument in the municipality of Santa Coloma, as well as being included in the Inventory of Catalonian Historical Heritage. Walking in front of its main impressive and serene façade, you will be transported back to the past.

- Its magnificent location, set back from the municipality and in a very tranquil area can be accessed by car, and also on foot from the Sant Salvador Park following the tree-lined path that follows the stream which carries the same name as the park. This is a perfect place for exercise, be it walking, jogging or cycling.

Practical information: can be visited by spa customers.

Address: Carretera dels Banys

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