Farners Hermitage

Ermita de Farners
Ermita de Farners
Ermita de Farners
Ermita de Farners

Much loved by locals, this is a XII century romanesque structure with Baroque extensions, very close to Farners castle.

The semicircular apse and part of the nave remain from the romanesque period. It looks like the reconstruction of a former chapel, of which nothing remains. In the XVIII century, a significant extension was added, showcasing the baroque style which was typical of the period.

Consecrated in 1200, the Virgin Mary of Farners, also from the romanesque period was worshipped there. However, to see the original figure, you will have to go to the parochial church, in the centre of the municipality, where a romanesque sculpture is conserved in perfect conditions.

This is a much-loved hermitage in Santa Coloma. In fact, it is the place where many locals have celebrated their weddings.

It is located at the foot of Farners Castle, and between this and the hermitage, important celebrations and local festivities take place in the Farners esplanade, such as the Choral Festival or the Farners Aplec. It is also a destination point, and often a rest point, for many walking or cycling trails, including the Trail of the 10 Hermitages.

Practical information: this is a religious area, which can be visited when religious offices take place, or during the local festivals that take place in Farners.

Address: Diseminado Diseminat 63

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