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Pare Lluís Rodés street is known to locals as the city's Rambla. Currently, it is a pedestrian street with many shops. It is named in honor of Lluís Rodés (1881-1939), Jesuit and astronomer, director of the Ebre observatory from 1920 to 1939. Born in Santa Coloma, for a few years he had a crater on the moon named after him. But Lluís Rodés was not the only inhabitant of Santa Coloma who had a crater on the moon dedicated to him, also Josep Maria Millàs i Vallicrosa (1897 - 1970), Semitic born in Santa Coloma, student of Llull, translator of Pentateuch and others books of the Bible, I had this honor. In 1973, with the new nomenclature, the crater of Father Rodés was renamed Lalande A, and that of Millàs i Vallicrosa was called Parrot C.

Previously, this street was called carrer de Vall or Avall, since it was the place where the rainwater flowed down and also where the Avall neighborhood went. It was during the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera when its name was changed to Pare Lluís Rodés.

An architectural point of interest is the building located at number 10: It is Can Barrera, a modernist house of the Domènech i Montaner school built in 1910 and of which the gallery on the second floor and the decoration with floral motifs stands out. Once we reach the intersection with Delme street, we just have to turn left to find Center street, where at number 13 we can see the house where Cardinal Narcís Jubany i Arnau (1913-1996) was born. He was named cardinal in 1973, during the papacy of Paul VI. Before, since 1964 and until his appointment as cardinal, he had served as bishop of Girona. In 1981, he was made the city's favorite son.

Address: Carrer Pare Lluís Rodés

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