Sant Salvador Park

The live monument of Santa Coloma de Farners.

The Sant Salvador Park is a wonderful open-air space.

Formed of more than a thousand trees, most of them plane trees, it follows the stream of Santa Coloma, that can be easily accessed from any point in the park. It is also situated at the foot of the Guilleries, and is the point of access to the castle and the Farners Hermitage, among other points of cultural and natural interest in the area.

Besides being a magnificent leisure space, the park is also known for being a great passage uniting the Picant fountain and the Sant Salvador fountain, that continues to the Termes Orion Hotel Spa, on one side, and to the stream pool of Vilà, on the other. Locals come here to stroll, walk or jog, or enjoy the water, dip their feet in the stream, go on a bike ride, play boules or push children on the strings.

It is also the starting point for many walking, cycling and mountain bike trails.

This is a much loved area for the inhabitants of Santa Coloma. It is beautiful in all seasons, particularly in autumn but also in spring when everything comes into bloom, or in summer when you can relax in the shade. It is easily accessible and visitors of all ages can enjoy the Sant Salvador Park alone, with friends, family or children. It is also a popular place for celebrating events, such as the stalls at the Town Festival or the Tomato Bread Festival, and the starting point for many sporting events such as the Ratafia Competition or the Tomato Bread Competition, among many others.

For all of these reasons, Santa Coloma considers this fantastic space as a monument, and it is classified as such.

If you come to Santa Coloma, don’t forget to visit the Sant Salvador Park – you will want to return for sure.

Practical information: can be visited all year. Highly recommended for families with children and fans of open-air activities and sports.

Address: Carretera de Farners

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