The significant local economic boom in the middle of the XIX century favoured the proliferation of modernist buildings. 

Santa Coloma de Farners became the administrative and economic centre of a significant area of the interior part of la Selva from the middle of the XIX century.

This contributed to its economic and urban development, leaving outstanding architectural heritage from this period. We therefore find examples of modernist constructions all over the urban nucleus. Examples include the casa Bofill, which is the current headquarters of a bank; ca n’Huix, which is easy to visit because it is now used as the Vent d’Aram bar and restaurant; can Gironès, which is the culture and tourist centre called Casa de la Paraula; ca n’Oller, which is now a nursing home for the elderly, or the building that now houses the Llar dels Jubilats (association of retired people).

The majority of modernist buildings are located in the centre of the municipality, turning a pleasant walk through the most central commercial hub Santa Coloma into a modernist route for those who love this architectural style.

The discovery of modernism in Santa Coloma de Farners can be combined with the remaining examples of it that can be found in the region of la Selva; resulting in a very complete route, that in some cases can be easily linked to thermalism.

Other places

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