Farners Square

The heart of local life in Santa Coloma de Farners. 

As well as being the town’s central hub, Farners Square is also part of the Inventari del Patrimoni Arquitecttónic de Catalunya, (List of buildings or monuments considered to be of architectural importance in Catalonia) because, as it is located next to the parochial church and is practically part of it, it has been and continues to be the historical and cultural centre of the town.

It is a sandy square, as squares historically were in our country. It is surrounded by plane trees that offer shade in summer and life throughout the year, and there are stone benches between the trees, where young and old can relax and chat.

Altogether, and with the bars and restaurants around the outside, it is a perfect terrace for relaxing with a vermouth, coffee or beer in the morning, afternoon or evening.

It is an important space for local events. This is where the main acts of the Ratafia Festival, town banquet and opening speech of the Town Festival, Catalan Revolt Festival, the Ratafia Herb Market, sardana dancing every Monday night in July and August, open air concerts and the Monday market take place.

At one end of the square there is a fountain which has an iron sculpture on it. This is the Colometa, and is the work of the local renowned artist Jesús Carles de Vilallonga. At the other end, between the square and the steps to the main entrance of the parochial church, there is a stone sculpture that honours Salvador Espriu, born in the town in 1913. This sculpture is the work of the prestigious sculptor Josep Maria Subirachs, author of the sculptural decoration of the Passion Façade in the Expiatory Temple of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia Cathedral.

The entire square is an exceptional observation point for the parochial church, the bell tower and a porch named Mesures, which is part of the base of the building and one of the most distinguishing elements.

Practical information: can be visited. On Mondays, the weekly market takes place here.

Address: Plaça Farners 9

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