Farners Castle

A magnificent romanesque castle on top of a hill in the middle of the Guilleries. 

The first mention of the castle dates back to the middle of the XI century, when the viscount Ramon Folc de Cardona swore allegiance to the Count of Barcelona. The Farners maintained ownership of the castle until the XIII century, when it passed over to Vilademany leadership. It was abandoned definitively in the XV century, except for a brief occupation of a Bourbon garrison just after the War of the Spanish Succession, at the start of the XVIII century.

Architecturally, it follows the model of castles built in the XI-XII centuries, with a main tower, which in the case of Farners castle is round and has a surface area of 211 m² and is delimited by a crenellated wall. On the inside, you can see the remains of quarters and rooms. Excavations were carried out in 1991 and 1992, and it was expertly restored to allow for visits.

This is a simple but beautiful space, that will easily transport you back to the olden days. It is worth going to the Farners esplanade, where you will see the hermitage that goes by the same name, and from this point you can access the castle. You can get to the esplanade by car, but it is also accessible on foot, or on a mountain bike. It is a short and very beautiful route, with many access options. You just need to get to the Sant Salvador Park, where you will see signposts to indicate the way to the castle.

Once you reach the castle, you will be able to visit the area around the tower, walk around the parapet and even go up to the tower, an exceptional observation point where you will have fantastic views of Santa Coloma de Farners, the Guilleries and the plains of la Selva.

Practical information: can be visited.

Address: Disseminat 63

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