Trias Biscuti Museum

In the Trias biscuit factory, as well as having the chance to buy these exquisite products, you will also be able to visit the museum. Here you will learn about the evolution of a company that is over 100 years old, and see how it has changed the sector and even the society in general.

In this museum, which opened in 1994, tools, machinery and amenities from the end of the XIX century are maintained and showcased. You can also see boxes of biscuits in old tins and other elements related to baking and elaboration processes.

To make your visit better and explain the history of the company in a way that is pleasant and easy to understand, you can enjoy an audiovisual tour, in several languages, that will help you to understand the origin of the biscuits that we eat nowadays.

Address: Crtra. de Sils, 36

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