In front of the city hall appears the Simbologia, a sculpture that was placed in 1988. It was made by the local artist Martí Sabé (1915-2006) and it reflects different symbols of the city: In the front you can see the inscription 898 Santacam Columbam  in reference to the first year that there is a record of the name of the city being mentioned in writing.  Behind the sculpture we find a sickle with the number 1640 in memory of the date of the Segadors war. Other elements we can find behind the sculpture are the coat of arms of the Farners family, a botellola, a scallop shell and the date 1400, in reference to the beginning of the tradition of the pilgrim of Tossa, initiated during the 15th century, a mill wheel. The name of Farners and the 11th century, century in which we find the name written for the first time. On the side of the sculpture you can read a verse by the sculptor himself. 

Martí Sabé was given the medal of honor of the city, and it also has several public works besides the simbologia like the Al·legoria de Santa Coloma, located in the roundabout in the south entrance of the city. The monument of la sardana in the promenade of Sant Salvador and the sculpture of Sant Dalmau in bas-relief, next to the Font Picant are also his works. 

Address: Carretera Sant Hilari 2

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