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Trail of the 10 Hermitages

The Trail of the 10 Hermitages is a 66km circular route around the Guilleries. The trail can be completed in more or fewer days, depending on the physical fitness of the individual walker. It is normally completed in 3 stages, each one being around 22 km long.

The trail passes spaces with a rich historical, cultural and especially natural heritage, continuously surrounded by Mediterranean forests and with a significant presence of cork oaks, one of the few places in the world where cork is extracted and commercialised. Over the 66 km, walkers will visit the 10 hermitages that give this trail its name: Sant Andreu de Castanyet, Santa Bàrbara, Santa Creu d’Horta, Mare de Déu del Pedró, Santa Margarida de Vallors, Sant Miquel de Cladells, Sant Iscle i Santa Victòria de Sauleda, Sant Pere Cercada, sanctuary of the Virgin Mary of Argimon and Mare de Déu de Farners.

As well as the ten hermitages, walkers will also pass other points of interest, including the Farners castle, the Rei rocks, the stone of the Evangelistes, the large oak of Ca n'Iglesias (Classified as a monumental tree of Catalonia) and the Abellera rock. Many of these points are exceptional observation points for the Guilleries and the plains of la Selva.

This review and the Wikiloc link refer to the walking trail, although around 90% of the trail can be also completed on a mountain bike. For further information, refer to specific mountain biking reviews.

As an alternative, if you do not have enough time to complete the whole trail or if you do not like trails that require longer than a day to complete, the ten hermitages can be visited during morning excursions, going from hermitage to hermitage. The same trail will act as a guide, and you just need to get to your desired starting point.

This trail will take you through different places in the area, including Riudarenes, Sant Hilari Sacalm, Osor or Anglès, as well as Santa Coloma de Farners, the region’s capital. This town is also the start and end point of the route that will help you discover a small part of the Guilleries, one of the most mountainous parts of the la Selva region, alongside the Montseny Natural Park or the Ardenya-Cadiretes mountain range.

Distance: 66 km

Difficulty: medium

Type: circular

Signposting: white posts

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