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Serrallonga Trail

The Serrallonga trail (GR178) crosses the Guilleries and has a lot of historical, scenic and fauna interest. The main route joins Santa Coloma de Farners with Sau, passing by Osor. It also has two variations that link the populations of Anglès and Sant Hilari Sacalm with the route.

This route will take you around the most well known places in the biography of the mythical bandit from les Guilleries, Serrallonga. Some of these places are: crossroads where he carried out robberies (Roscall hill), hills where the Catalan militia waited for him (Nafré hill and Querós hill), the house where he lived (Can Serrallonga), country houses and caves where he hid and also the place where he was captured (Ca l'Augustí).

Serallonga’s trail is of great natural interest since the landscape that will accompany us through the whole route is captivating, uninhabited and wild with a wide botanic variety due to continuous changes of gradient and chains of mountains and torrents.  You will pass places where man has left traces of daily life for centuries, in the form of sanctuaries, hermitages, country houses and ice wells, and  at the end of the trail you will reach  the small town of Osor. 

This trail will take you through the Guilleries massif where you will be able to find sizeable forests of holm oaks wood,  cork oaks, chestnuts, beeches… Most of this itinerary takes place in the comarca of La Selva, except the end of the trail, where you arrive at the reservoir of Sau, which is in the comarca of Osona. 

Driving routes

This route is designed for doing it on foot, and you can walk between the two populations in one day. You could also do a shorter route, starting at one point and returning to the same place. Among these, we especially recommend trails that start at Sobirà or the Coll sanctuary, with fantastic panoramic views and easy access for all types of vehicles.

If you would rather follow the steps of Serrallonga by car, you could go to the small town of Osor through the winding road that connects Anglès with Sant Hilari Sacalm. Once you arrive to Osor you can go up to the Coll sanctuary and then take the forest track to the Sant Benet’s summit, where you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking view of les Guilleries and the Collsacabra.

Another route you can do by car is the one that goes from Sant Hilari Sacalm to Santa Coloma de Farners through a forest track that goes past el Sobirà, l’Espinau and Castanyet. Along this route you will find leafy forests and the views of Montseny and Sant Miquel de les Formigues.

Trail details: 

Starting point: Square 1r d’Octubre

Finishing point: The dam of the reservoir of Sau 

Distance:  55,8 km 

Elevation gain uphill: 2.546  meters 

Difficulty: High

Type: Lineal 

Sings: White and red marks, corresponding to a long-distance footpath (GR)

The long-distance footpath GR 178 has 4 sections:

Section 1: Santa Coloma de Farners – Osor - 28 km

  •  Download this section in pdf here 

Section 2: Osor – Sau’s reservoir - 19,1km 

  •  Download this section in pdf here 

Detour 1: Santa Coloma de Farners– Anglès - 19,1 km 

  •  Download this section in pdf here 

Detour 2: Sant Hilari Sacalm – Osor - 14 km

  •  Download this section in pdf here 

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