Enjoy a drink in Farners Square

Farners Square is an open urban space, the true epicentre of activity in the town.

You can enjoy a drink in this sunny square, in one of the many bars. As curiosities, you can see the porch called Les Mesures, a rectangular-floored construction with six rounded adjacent frontal arches which are attached to the side chapel of Dolors, of the parochial church. You will also find samples of modernism in the town, as well as the connection with the street commonly known as “la Rambla”. During the months of July and August, open air sardana dancing auditions take place in the evenings.

On sunny days in winter, this is an ideal place to enjoy a coffee or tea while the sun warms your body and lights up your face. In summer, the shade of the plane trees in the square will offer you welcome shade.

Experience the joys of the Sant Salvador Park!

Good weather begins, and the Sant Salvador Park becomes a place to relax and disconnect, a place to meditate, take a walk, do some sport... How nice is it when on weekends is the main meeting point for families and friends!. Its leafiness (with...

Visit the Espai Joan Vinyoli

The Espai Vinyoli recreates the universe of the Barcelona-born poet, with a strong link to the capital of Selva, where he spent his summers during his youth. The nature that surrounds the municipality plays a key role in the configuration of its...

Trail of the 10 Hermitages

The Trail of the 10 Hermitages is a trail that can be completed in around three days, and you can visit other points of historical, artistic and above all, natural interest, as well as the 10 hermitages. During the trail, you will find points of...

The ratafia Herb Market

The ratafia season begins the weekend of the 5th and 6th of May, and this year the town will celebrate the 5th edition of the Ratafia Herb Market, that will take place in Farners Square. The market showcases elements such as spring, health and...

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