Ratafia Festival

The Ratafia festival takes place during the second weekend in November in Santa Coloma de Farners, the result of popular tradition and continuity of the elaboration of home-made ratafia.

Over time, the Ratafia Festival has become a cultural manifestation that brings together many aspects, and is a reference all over Catalonia. It is based on three main pillars: the Ratafia Competition, the Ratafia Festival and the Ratafia Party. The first Ratafia competition dates back to 1982, and was initiated to preserve the tradition of local residents of Farners making ratafia in their homes. This has promoted the celebration of competitions of this liqueur, which is so popular all over Catalonia. Currently, around 200 ratafias are entered in the Santa Coloma de Farners competition, coming from all over.

The Ratafia Festival has been consolidated as a meeting point for people who make this liqueur. Here you can find all the ratafias of the country, as well as a large variety of hand-made products all over the town. The festival is a great opportunity to showcase the vitality of the commercial and tourist industry of the town.

The Ratafia Festival is one of the most anticipated dates for locals, and attracts visitors from neighbouring regions. The large range of scheduled fun and cultural activities turn the festival into a space of discovery and learning. The Ratafia Festival allows visitors to enjoy a wide range of culture.

More information: www.ratafia.cat

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