Ratafia Herb Market

The ratafia season begins in May in Santa Coloma de Farners with the Ratafia Herb Market.

A herb market and concerts take place in the Farners Square, with workshops and activities in Les Mesures porch, conferences in the Casa de la Paraula cultural centre, and excursions to learn about the herbs, etc.

The Ratafia Herb Market is organised by the Town Council, the Comissió de Flors (Guild of Flowers), the Confraria de la Ratafia (Guild of Ratafia) and the Associació de Comerciants (Traders Association).

As part of the Ratafia Herb Market, a flower arranging competition takes place. This tradition began in 1953 to celebrate the Mil·lenari festival.

For more information see: www.ratafia.cat

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