Annual Pilgrimage

On the 20th of January every year, hundreds of walkers accompany the Father pilgrim from Tossa de Mar to Santa Coloma de Farners.

Every year, the Father pilgrim from Tossa de Mar complies with his vow that, according to tradition, has been keeping the plague away since the XV century. The vow consists in completing a pilgrimage from Tossa de Mar to the closest church dedicated to Sant Sebastià. This is the church of Sant Sebastià in Santa Coloma de Farners, situated at the entrance of the town.

This 40 km pilgrimage between the two municipalities of the la Selva region, from the Costa Brava to the interior is completed every year by hundreds of walkers who accompany the Father pilgrim on his way.

Traditionally, the pilgrims distribute shells when they reach Santa Coloma, once the sun has set, and local families and friends wait to welcome and greet the pilgrims with candles.

Those who wish to take part in this tradition must remember that it is a pilgrimage. For this reason, it is vital to remain respectful for the duration of the route, especially towards pilgrims completing the course in bare feet who will lead the group and set the pace.

The next day, on the morning of the 21st, the Father pilgrim and those accompanying him will begin the route back to Tossa. In the afternoon, the fishing village will receive the pilgrims with a sepulchral silence that causes goosebumps, and then it is announced that the vow has been observed for another year.

Tradition dictates that pilgrims eat snails, Sant Sebastià coca in Sant Sebastià's day and, of course, the sticky sweets that can only be bought on this day . The restaurants and bakeries of Santa Coloma offer you the flavours of this tradition. .

To view the detail of the route that the pilgrims follow, there are many options on Wikiloc. Here you can see one of the routes.

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