If you come to Santa Coloma de Farners, you will discover some of the village’s curiosities first-hand, such as the Sant Salvador fountain. This fountain, which is located in the park that also goes by the same name, used to look different to how it is now: it used to look like a chapel and had a figure of a saint on top of the fountain. This look changed during the remodeling that it underwent during the last century and as the legend tells us that Saint Salvador achieved the miracle of getting water out of a stone, the Town Council brought a large rock to the park, close to the old fountain, and channelled the water to make it come out of three spouts.

Another curiosity is the relationship between Santa Coloma de Farners and the cork industry. In fact, the oak groves and cork oaks are the natural forests in the hills and sunny slopes of la Selva, and these forests brought a lot of advantages, especially in the XVIII and XIX centuries, because of the exploitation of cork. They are currently still abundant, and cork obtained from here is used in the factories of Selva, Gironès and, of course, in Baix Empordà. It is worth noting that Santa Coloma is the headquarters of the Consorci Forestal de Catalunya (Catalan Forestry Association), forest owners that are closely linked to the cork industry.

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